HAPPY DEVIL’S NIGHT: Enter The Devil (1972)

imageIn Detroit, Halloween starts tonight…

Screw “Angel’s Night,” Detroit’s grass roots solution to the rampant arson of years gone by. I’m not saying that the town has to be on fire and fallen into anarchy (though that’s not very far from normal around here). I’m just saying it was always Devil’s Night and it still is. “Angel’s Night” is just a stupid name. It’s like Christian Heavy Metal. It sucks even if it’s good.

In the tradition of THE DEVIL’S RAIN and RACE WITH THE DEVIL, I present to you the undeservedly more obscure “satanic cult in the desert” movie called ENTER THE DEVIL. They would all go together perfectly, actually, as part of a devil worshipping movie marathon.

As usual when I’m close to the end of this thirty day stretch I become a bit less talkative and descriptive about the movies themselves (not that I’ve ever really DESCRIBED the movies exactly…there’s nothing more boring than a plot synopsis). I’ll say that this one isn’t as campy as THE DEVIL’S RAIN and is more atmospheric than RACE WITH THE DEVIL. It’s a well done, creepy, and strangely realistic film and if you seek out some actual reviews – rather than my senseless rantings – you’ll find out why. Meanwhile, it’s Devil’s Night and I got stuff to do before the sun comes up…

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