2 More Days ’til Halloween: Warlock Moon (1973)


I’ve noticed a lot of movie fans who aren’t particularly into horror get annoyed when horror film fans praise a movie for being “atmospheric.” Apparently it’s an ineffable quality that only horror fans understand. Everyone else just thinks it’s an excuse that horror fans make up to defend their horrible, badly made movies. Not true, of course.

If you happen to understand “atmosphere” as it pertains to horror, check out today’s offering. Half of it is the location: an amazingly decrepit spa/hotel abandoned on a hillside outside San Francisco. I would watch a movie with no plot in which people just wandered around inside that building for hours. There’s much more going for it, but there’s definitely enough of that wandering around to make this movie truly atmospheric. It’s “Day time horror”, too, if that’s your thing (at least up until the end). A lot of us dig the “daytime horror”. Horror fans are weird in their specificity sometimes. Other folks just don’t seem to understand. That’s why we gotta stick together.

Oh, ALSO…one last thing only horror film fans understand: WARLOCK MOON is one of those movies that has a guy goofing around in novelty Groucho Marx glasses. Yep. Classic.

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