3 More Days ’til Halloween: Simon: King Of The Witches (1971) and Satan’s Children (1975)


Butt sex and magick.

Beefcake and Satan.

And, no, they’re not “gay” movies…there’s just a little something special in them for a certain percentage of the viewing audience…

SIMON: KING OF THE WITCHES is, along with DARK AUGUST, one of the most accurate depictions of magickal practice I’ve seen in a horror movie…including an Aleister Crowley / Victor Neuburg moment (look it up) that will come as a surprise to homos (who might be more disgusted by it than heteros, actually) and those familiar with Thelemic mysticism. There’s a great cast of supporting actors and Andrew Prine in the lead makes a sexy and convincing warlock. The plot might not be too frightening to average folk, but if you’ve ever played around with magick (I imagine that portion of the viewing audience might have been a bit larger in 1971 than 2014), you might feel a little freaked out before it’s done. In fact, I’m feeling deja vu right now. Did I post this one before…?

SATAN’S CHILDREN is an exploitation flick from the mid-seventies that looks like it was filmed in the 60s and reads, oddly, like a Russ Meyer movie for fags. Okay…it’s not THAT lurid. In fact, except for the flesh on display (male AND female) it’s somewhat “coded” (with stuff that gay folk would have noticed but straight people wouldn’t) and, thanks to an over-the-top campiness that verges into John Waters territory (if he were a Satanic nihilist, maybe), it should still be a helluva lot of fun for everyone. Outside of the mainstream classics, this is one of my favorite “satanic cult” movies. It’s just so insane that it asks to be loved…


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