11 Days Until Halloween, 2014: Sleepwalker (1984) and Toby Dammit (1968)


I’m short for time again today, but these films are obviously not short in quality. As far as short horror films are concerned, these are some of the best. My writing about them, on the other hand, must be short.

SLEEPWALKER was just recently released on Blu-Ray by the British Film Institute and has had a corresponding tour to various festivals with great success. Pretty good for a film that was shut down by the BFI upon its release in 1984 (for political reasons) and, at one point, was rumored to not have actually existed. It’s both a seriously good slasher and an intelligently written political satire about Thatcher’s 80s (still applicable today).

I like this description from an IMDB review so I’ll just quote it:

“…this gem of a movie,a 50 minute masterpiece,could best be described as “Mike Leigh meets a Nightmare on Thatcher St via Italian giallo’s” (all will become clear when you watch it)…”

For more info on the film and it’s crazy history, check out this review of the Blu-Ray release (or just click on the link below to watch it…probably won’t be on Youtube for long)


TOBY DAMMIT really shouldn’t need an introduction. Not only is it Fellini’s best trip into the horror genre, it’s one of his most visually “out there” films from the sixties. It has some of my favorite images on film…period. I’ve been waiting a long time for a cleaned-up, restored version to appear on Youtube so I can share it and here it is… (CORRECTION: this doesn’t appear to be the restored version, but it is nonetheless more watchable than what was previously available).

I’m also linking to this Cinefantastique article because it has some more info on the movie TOBY DAMMIT was a part of (called SPIRITS OF THE DEAD in the States) and ITS crazy history (both the films today have troubled histories which include recent positive reevaluations by critics). The three directors who were originally to direct Edgar Allen Poe stories for the film were Fellini, Ingmar Bergman, and Orson Welles! Imagine what an amazing horror anthology that would have been! Ah, well…we got the Fellini segment out of it at least…




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