16 Days ’til Halloween, 2014: Spookies (1986)


Yesterday I obsessed about certain personal flaws after finishing my post on X-RAY.

For as long as I can remember, my taste, humor, and sensibility have conspired to make it unclear to many as to whether I’m being serious or honest.

When I think about it I can certainly see why. I use a lot of irony in my humor, but it is often dry to the point of invisibility. I often play devil’s advocate, but I play it very seriously. I’m obsessed with being fair, equitable, and objective, but indulge in subjective opinions and personal obsessions with zeal. Meanwhile, I honestly appreciate many things others consider trash and embrace many ideas others consider immoral.

Combine the expression of all these tendencies into one statement (or person!) and it starts to get confusing…

And so yesterday I went back and edited my comments on X-RAY, added some parenthetical statements, and generally fretted.

Today I’m avoiding that self-doubt by keeping it simple.

SPOOKIES: because it has farting zombies. Why is that great? Because it’s both funny and more scientifically accurate than any other movie zombie.

SPOOKIES: because it’s filled with so many crazy and unlikely rubber monsters that the farting zombies barely register.

SPOOKIES: because I’ve seen NIGHT OF THE DEMONS and EVIL DEAD and similar movies so many times that I’m sick of them…and if an insane god chewed up those movies along with some episodes of “Scooby-Doo,” spit out the mashed remains, and sculpted it with a spoon into something that vaguely, amateurishly resembled the source material, it would be SPOOKIES.

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