27 Days ’til Halloween, 2014: The Changeling (1980)

How is it that it’s been thirty years since they came out and we still haven’t had a haunted house movie better or even close in quality to THE CHANGELING (1980), THE HAUNTING (1963), or THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE (1973)?

How I wish I could post something more recent or something less known – something undiscovered – of the same quality. It doesn’t exist. In fact, every haunted house story put to film since these movies were released, any haunted house movie worth its salt, has borrowed from them. Usually all this borrowing happens in the first hour, getting your hopes up (THE INNKEEPERS or THE CONJURING comes to mind), before deflating into a lame “action-horror” film with cartoonish “ghosts” that look like they walked out of a Hot Topic store…

So…I have no guilt in posting THE CHANGELING today, even though most folk of my generation have likely already seen it. If it’s been a while, watch it again. It’s just as good as you remember…

Pointless Trivia: David Cronenberg was originally slated to direct THE CHANGELING. It’s not a good fit for him thematically but, from the music to the pacing to the color scheme, doesn’t it FEEL an awful lot like a Cronenberg film from that period?


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One Response to 27 Days ’til Halloween, 2014: The Changeling (1980)

  1. zmbdog says:

    One of my favorite ghost movies. Just rewatched it recently and it holds up well.


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