2 More Days Until Halloween, 2013: A Special Tribute To TheBurialGround3

I really can’t give enough thanks to the fans out there who go through the trouble of posting these films on Youtube.  There is something to be said for the experience of IMAGINING what an obscure, weird movie is like based upon written descriptions or a still from the film, but there is an immediacy to directly sharing the film that now allows for new “cults” to develop, and that’s what will ultimately save many of these movies from obscurity.

Youtube channels that show full movies are almost as temporal an experience as television was before the advent of VHS.  Channels appear, incredibly rare movies you thought you would never see again (or you’ve never seen to begin with) are suddenly available, and then just as suddenly the channel is shut down…the movie is gone.  I actually LIKE this aspect of Youtube, but I also value the tenacity of the folks who repeatedly repost these films after they’ve been removed and do all the necessary research to assure some longevity for their channel, because that’s what allows me the ability to share these movies with my friends and, most importantly, experience the joy of making the world a more horrifying place.  

I’ve shown films from many different “channels” on Youtube, but chief among them has been TheBurialGround3.  TheBurialGround3 is the obscure horror movie channel that seems to have stuck around the longest and has the best selection of weird and wonderful horror films to share.  As it has been so essential to my ability to share anything at all with YOU, I wanted to give it some special attention.

I wrote an email to TheBurialGround3 (the name of the channel is also the moniker of the person who runs it) to express my appreciation, and he kindly agreed to a little interview for my blog.  I’m new to interviewing and October is a busy season for me, so I apologize if my questions aren’t the best, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to share something more personal here from a person who is not only a valuable resource to me, but to horror movie fans all over the world.

TheBurialGround3 is the contemporary equivalent of the grindhouse in the 70s or the Saturday Shocker television movies from my own childhood.  Sure, you can torrent most anything these days…but usually the best, most personally influential films are a DISCOVERY that is come upon by accident or through an easily shared recommendation from a friend.  This is what TheBurialGround offers through his posts on YouTube.  I’m sure this guy is single-handedly creating new trends of cinematic taste with the movies he posts, even if we don’t see the effects for years…

An Interview With TheBurialGround3:

Your Youtube channel has been one of the most consistently available for rare horror on Youtube and is a valuable resource that should be celebrated. What kind of work is required to keep this page alive when so many others have disappeared? 

I try to stick to movies that have had limited releases, especially those from obscure 80’s video labels. Gavin [Gavin The Turk is the moniker of another YouTube horror hero] started a FB page where we list movies that we know have gotten strikes on YT so we can avoid posting them. I’m hoping this channel lasts, my last two bit the dust pretty quick! I have one strike at the moment (for “Ogroff”) and it’s about to expire.

The films that you share are eclectic, but always of interest for reasons other than their rarity. What kind of criteria do you have for the movies you post? What are some of your favorite horror films and why? What makes a good horror film?

I’ll post pretty much anything that’s fairly obscure even if I don’t personally like it, cuz every movie has its fans. A few that I’ve posted I haven’t even seen yet myself, but I’ll get around to them. I have quite a bit more right now that I think could be posted without problems, hopefully on my next vacation I can.

Aside from the usual (Halloween, NOTLD, Psycho, etc.] some of my favorites are Sleepaway Camp 2, Return of the Living Dead, and Blood Feast 2. I’m especially into 80’s slasher and zombie films, and 70’s-80’s grindhouse. I also get on kicks where I watch a string of old B&W horror movies or Lifetime Network psycho-dramas. I think if a movie sets a good atmosphere then half of the job is done, but many are ruined just by having unlikable jackasses as the main characters (why is that so common?).

I’m assuming that you are an avid VHS collector, but may be wrong. I’ve never become involved with trading or collecting rare VHS. I admit I don’t know much about the culture. If you ARE an avid collector, I’d love to hear more about the networks and sources you use to find the movies you’re looking for or to learn about films you haven’t seen. Do you go to horror conventions and the like? Are you involved in a real or virtual community of horror fans?

I do collect VHS tapes but only as a mild hobby at this point (I won’t spend a lot of money for any tape, I just can’t afford too). Most of what I have was bought from flea markets, yard sales, and rental stores that were dumping the format in favor of DVD. Although people are becoming a bit more informed about the value of certain titles, the former two are still the best bet for finding rarities dirt cheap. Unfortunately, my work schedule here (Dutch Harbor, AK) prevents me from attending any conventions or film festivals, though I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to skip a season and attend Fantasia. As far as online I’ve only been a member of a few film forums that no longer exist (Fearwerx, Fangoria, horrormovies.com), nothing specific to collectors, mainly because many are interested only in trades, not purchases.

Where did you first find out about some of the films you’ve posted? Do you remember having rented them from the video store, or is your interest usually based on word of mouth and reputation rather than nostalgia? I’d love to hear about your earliest memories of watching horror films or about any one film or person who may have influenced and shaped your interest.

As a kid I used to scan through “Videotape and Disc Guide” and all the annual review books for horror movies, that’s where I learned about most of them. I also ordered many import catalogs from the ads in Fango in the 90’s. Learned of many super-low-budget SOV films from those, including “Color Me Blood Red…Again”, a film I’m still searching for.

The earliest I can remember is when a babysitter rented “A Nightmare on Elm St. 2”. The image of the school bus with the ground crumbling around it stuck with me for years and I had nightmares of Freddy chasing me through the cornfield behind my house. As far as influences, nobody in my family is really into horror movies. I think all the garish box art was what really did it for me. This was in the days when even the supermarkets had titles like “The Last Slumber Party” and “The Alien Dead” for rent.

What is the strangest horror film you’ve ever seen?

The first that comes to mind is “Terror Firmer”, hated it at first but loved it a year later. I just finished watching “Geek Maggot Bingo”, the cardboard sets are priceless. “Class of Nuke ‘Em High 2” is the perfect bad film. The costumes, the ridiculous story, the giant squirrel…I could watch it hundreds of times.

(And…here it is…wait for it…)

What horror film scares you the most?

(I hate that I just asked that…)

It’s a fair question but to be honest movies never really phased me, aside from NOES 2 when I was little. There was a vampire episode of Scooby Doo that terrified me though! For 2 years I would change the channel whenever it came on. Watching “Event Horizon” on acid was pretty freaky too.

(NOTE FROM THE INTERVIEWER: As, by a strange coincidence, I’ve also had the experience of watching “Event Horizon” in an altered state of consciousness of a different kind, nonetheless I can concur that it is “freaky”.  That said, it isn’t half as freaky as watching Brigid (Polk) Berlin in CIAO, MANHATTAN under the very same conditions.  That’s right, Brigid Berlin is scarier than ghosts in space.  I recommend trying both and comparing…now back to the interview…)

Some argue that making rare films available for free depletes the paying audience needed to recover, repair and remaster the films for DVD release (and posterity). Others argue that sharing the films, as you are doing, builds the audience needed for a DVD release.

I’m definitely in the latter category. Cult DVD’s aren’t exactly impulse buys and if nobody knows about the film then nobody buys it. I even just ordered “The Last Shark” on DVD, a movie I have a download of already and had posted on TheBurialGround2. As long as a movie has a few extras and a quality transfer I don’t [see] YT postings costing any sales.

Are there any horror films that you believe deserve a larger “cult” following?

Student Bodies, Superstition, Midnight Offerings, One Dark Night, Mortuary (1983) and Class of Nuke ‘Em High 2 come to mind right away.

I have give a shout-out to my all-time favorite channels:

Hominid Nocturnus

Sadly, only TVTerrorland is still alive.

Thanks for digging the channel, Happy Halloween!!!!!!


I’ve already posted a few, but here are three more movies from TheBurialGround3 channel that I believe deserve a closer look:


I absolutely agree with TheBurialGround3 in that this movies deserves a larger following with a cleaned up DVD release to follow!  The older sister from LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRARIE and the older sister from THE WALTONS (not the little one who was haunted by a poltergeist) are good and evil witches who must battle each other for turf in the same California high school in which every other California high school movie is filmed. It’s ten times better than it sounds… Eery photography, excellent acting, and good pacing lead to a predictable but satisfying climax.  Definitely one of the best American “witch” movies and I would put it in the top four or five horror movies made for American television…


Another film with shades of LET’S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH…though I’m sick of that comparison.  This is the other horror movie made by the eccentric crew who brought us THE LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET.  I have to say one of the many nice aspects of the film is a Jewish protagonist who hasn’t had a nose job.  Great empty hallways.  Fantastic location.  Lots of brown…


It’s extremely rare that a comedic horror satire actually works, in my opinion.  I hate horror-comedy and I hate horror-adventure, but there are always exceptions to the rule.  UNMASKED PART 25 is British and appears to have been written and acted by out of work Shakespearian actors as interested in mocking the traditions of melodrama as they are in satirizing the tropes of the horror genre.  The murderer is loosely based on Jason from FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH, except this horribly malformed and supernaturally enduring baddie has educated himself by reading the classic literature left behind by murdered campers.  Now that he is in a new relationship with an eccentric blind woman and finally facing the dark shadow his family history has cast upon him, he is suffering from an existential angst that almost anyone could identify with…

I’ve only picked three, but pretty much every video on TheBurialGround3 channel is worth watching, either because it’s weirdly good, hilariously inept to the point of being weird and wonderful, or historically significant…check it out…


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  1. zmbdog says:

    Thanks a lot for featuring my channel 🙂 Unfortunately it got axed (by “The Bloody Video Horror That Made Me Puke on My Aunt Gertrude” of all things). I’m giving it one last shot with TheBurialGround4 since I suddenly remembered the password (I made the channel around the same time as TBG3), though I won’t have as many films since some are on other channels already.


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