3 More Days Until Halloween, 2013: THE SLAYER (1982)


Three more days?  Wait. Did I do my math wrong?  

I guess it would be three more days if I actually posted in the morning, right…?  That must have been my thinking…

Anyway, today is a movie with one of my favorite tag lines:

“Is it a nightmare?  Or is it…”

The title of the movie follows the tag line but there’s no question mark after the title so I’m just going to assume the statement is completed by the ellipsis (my favorite punctuation).  This is appropriate as the movie is also elliptical, but I like to guess what other intentions the writer might have had.  Is it…bigger than a breadbox?  Is “it” at all?  It’s like one of Yoko Ono’s conceptual art pieces: choose your own adventure…

I think about Yoko Ono a lot while watching THE SLAYER, but I’m sure that’s a personal reaction.  It IS about an artist, however, and one could interpret the entire movie as a metaphorical depiction of the artist’s process.  In fact, you can throw away your super creepy copy of “The Artist’s Way” right now and just watch THE SLAYER with an open mind and an open heart.  You don’t need to do journal writing or give yourself “artist’s dates” or anything like that.  The best way to awaken your inner creativity is to spend two hours on an abandoned, storm swept island with a woman who may-or-may-not be insane as she is stalked by a monster that may-or-may-not have come from the depths of her own mind.  You may want to keep that creativity sleeping, mind you, but at least you’ll know the sure fire signs that you have accessed your hidden potential.  Top on the list is the slow disappearance of your friends under very mysterious circumstances…

If you insist on positive creative influences, you might want to concentrate on the visuals in THE SLAYER.  It’s got one of the coziest locations outside of a traditional haunted house (there’s nothing more romantic than perpetual threat of storms coming in from the sea).  There is some very nice ruin porn to look at (Detroit hasn’t cornered the market, after all), and an enticingly dark secret to haunt you when you’re bored.  What more could you ask for?  Oh, that’s right: a sensation of claustrophobia and impending doom!  I have simple tastes, but they’re not so easily satisfied.  When I get a little (and THE SLAYER gives a little more than that), I get excited.  I wish I could move into THE SLAYER, curl up on a couch, and watch THE SLAYER…



Make sure to read the description of the video on Youtube so you can fully appreciate what the poster has done for all of us poor sods…




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