6 More Days Until Halloween, 2013: THE BOOGENS (1981) and THE STRANGENESS (1985)


Underground Horror Double Feature!

Today I’m busy watching horror movies, so this is my laziest post ever.

THE BOOGENS (1981):  Something strange is living down in an abandoned mine.  It eats people.  

It’s a horror movie in the snow (which is always good).  It scared my friend Ollie to death when he was a kid…and a lot of other people too judging by IMDB reviews which are all peppered with nostalgia.  I certainly feel nostalgic while watching it and I never saw it as a kid (actually I might have, but I might also have it mixed up with a Scooby Doo episode).  Perhaps it makes me feel nostalgic because it was made by the same people who made “Grizzly Adams”…?  I certainly watched a lot of Grizzly Adams.

In any case, my friend Ollie likes it and I do to.

Oh, also, it’s called THE BOOGENS, and that’s pretty awesome…

THE STRANGENESS (1985):  Something strange is living down in an abandoned mine.  It eats people…kind of…

Penis monster with a vagina mouth.  Arguing people fulfill stereotypes.  Precursor to Ridley Scott’s ALIENS….

Stephen Thrower likes it and I do to…

The Strangeness is a light-weight entertainment and there’s no point trying to say otherwise, but  … for all it’s flaws it’s been made with guts and spirit and determination. From it’s wonderful title to it’s eye-opening, gender-busting monster finale, this precursor to such recent hits as The Descent and The Cave may not win any prizes, but it’s well worth a look if you love the shadowy recesses of the genre.” Stephen Thrower,Nightmare USA: The Untold Story of the Exploitation Independents (FAB Press, 2007)

Somebody worked hard and spent a lot of money to give these films the loving tribute they deserve by releasing them on DVD, and I’ve obviously worked very little and spent no money to write these few sentences, steal some clip art from another site, copy a quote, and link to Youtube.

If you like the movies, buy the DVDs please…

Thank you and enjoy…



Watch DVD quality that you’ll have to adjust for correct aspect ratio or VHS quality that somehow just feels right…

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