10 More Days Until Halloween, 2013: TOURIST TRAP (1979) and ONE DARK NIGHT (1982)


Stiff as a Board, Light as a Finger Double Feature!

Neither of the films I’m posting today are particularly obscure.  TOURIST TRAP is considered a classic of the genre with a Pino Donaggio soundtrack and everything (he did the music for Brian De Palma’s CARRIE).  Still, I felt a bit nostalgic today and wanted to watch some movies I remembered watching on TV around Halloween…movies that you just don’t see anymore on the boob tube but would certainly hold up for a contemporary audience.  I just didn’t feel like EXPLAINING why the obscure Italian horror films I originally had lined up are actually good when they certainly appear to be otherwise.  It starts sounding like a broken record.

In any case, if you fondly remember TOURIST TRAP from video, check out this cleaned up letter boxed version.  It looks nice, the mannequins are still scary as hell, the music is still spine tingling, and Chuck Connors’ psychotic performance is just as good as it ever was.  If you haven’t seen TOURIST TRAP, my mouth is dropping open in shock and I’m desperately urging you to do it NOW!  I also envy you a little…

ONE DARK NIGHT: telekinesis, red laser blasts, floating corpses, and a shadowy mausoleum.  That should serve as a sufficient recommendation and review.  A heads up, though: stick it out through the wild teenager hijinks because you don’t want to miss the telekinesis, red laser blasts, floating corpses, and shadowy mausoleum.  If that doesn’t sound appealing enough, just look at that picture up there at the top of this post.  Just LOOK at it!

Thank you and enjoy!



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