16 Days Until Halloween, 2013: A QUIET PLACE IN THE COUNTRY (1968) and LE ORME aka FOOTPRINTS (1975)


Truth be told, I’ve been head over heels for Italian horror films (again) lately because I’ve been rediscovering the loopy, nonsensical 80s films that I’d rejected as too over-the-top back in my yoot.  I was naive.  I’ve already posted SUPERSTITION and the DEMONS films, which are a very strong taste of Pan’s Own Medicine, but there’s more where that came from.

Before I get very heavily into that strange wing of Italian horror, however, I thought I’d post some undeniable top quality classics of the genre; stuff that even cinema snobs wreaking of stale Truffaut would have to raise their glass to (…or at least wouldn’t hate you for liking).

Both of these films are beautiful, stylish, well written, well acted, examples of Italian horror.  You don’t have to feel like your slumming it to appreciate them, but they’re still weird enough to be well worth your time.

I should also mention that the soundtracks for both films are among the best, most original Italian horror soundtracks outside of SUSPIRIA.

I’m in a rush today, so I can’t be bothered with my usual extended arguments and introductions.  Instead I’m providing the trailers/teasers as well as links to the full films.  If the trailers don’t seduce you into clicking on the movie link, then either I don’t like you because you are a horrible person or you’re as busy as I am (in which case I can understand…I suppose…)

DVD Teaser for LE ORME aka FOOTPRINTS (1975):

LE ORME aka FOOTPRINTS (full movie):


As the official trailer for this movie seemed to downplay everything interesting about it, I’ve opted to link you to the amazing opening credits and first scene as a “teaser” for the film…amazing, sexy stuff!



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