22 Days Until Halloween, 2013: DEATHMASTER (1972), HEAD aka PREMONITION (1972)


Okay, today it’s hippy horror.

DEATHMASTER is about a sleeve flopping vampire dandy whose coffin washes up onto a California beach. He is adopted as a spiritual guru by a gaggle of hippies living in his old house. A couple of them who aren’t really hippies (they don’t like to dance, so they’re no friends of mine) get frightened and decide to be all self-righteous and rebellious with the assistance of Piglet from Winnie The Pooh (John Fiedler).

It’s the only vampire movie I know in which the vamps appearance is signaled by a sitar stab. It starts out super fun with some hilarious dialogue, but then you start to feel like, “Hey, this is a silly traditional horror film with a rather conformist, naive message that just happens to have a good premise,” but then, if you keep watching, the ending happens and it’s all, like, far out…I take back what I said. Fortunately it’s short, so you are quickly rushed to the redemptive finale.

I would have liked to have seen more nudity from the hippies, but that’s a minor quibble.

HEAD is not the Monkees film of the same name, although I consider the Monkees film just as terrifying. It’s a very low budget hippy horror that explores the metaphysical “bummer”, a kind of extended death-tripping deja vu, that is a familiar experience for freaks who’ve gone heavy into psychedelics and the occult. It’s an incredibly rare film, so I’m pretty damned happy it’s on Youtube. Lots of insipidly creepy folk music, a corpse that can travel through time and space, pot smoking, squabbling band members, and the inevitable gravity of one’s fatal destiny. Kind of a poor man’s DON’T LOOK NOW for long hairs.


I’ve made a playlist for this so you can watch it uninterrupted. My playlist is here:




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