Happy Halloween Part 1, 2012: ANTHROPOPHAGUS (1980), KILL, BABY, KILL (1966), FRIGHTMARE (1983), THE PIT (1981)



I’ve no self censor today, so I’m providing a glut of horror films, enough to get by till Thanksgiving (when I can give thanks for having watched so many weird and wonderful horror films). I’ll likely have to break these up into separate posts so I don’t have tons of confusing links at the bottom…plus I don’t have time to sit here all day doing this, though I obviously want to…


The music: cold electronic bittersweet naive, like CEMETERY MAN or NECROMANTIK…amazing. OH, and the SOUND EFFECTS…

The cinematography: the dark is rarely used so well, not to mention “day for night”…

The man: George Eastman IS the man…and he eats his own intestines…



The master of Italian horror has made many notable, beautiful films. My favorite is the movie SHOCK, but KILL, BABY, KILL is a close second. I’m posting KILL, BABY, KILL because it is a better demonstration of the style that Bava created – using color to reproduce the high contrast effects of German Expressionism – and it inspired the Black Lodge sequence at the end of David Lynch’s TWIN PEAKS…

KILL, BABY, KILL is no longer streaming on YouTube, but I believe it is currently streaming on Netflix.


Unfortunately, this is only available via Troma at the moment. Wonderful in the beginning third, it drags a bit in the middle, but becomes mad and wonderful again in the last third. The director, Norman Thaddeus Vane…well, all I have to say is, “the director, Norman Thaddeus Vane” and you get the idea of the kind of movies he made. This has quite a cult following, and I highly approve of that particular cult…no matter what cruel sacrifices their god may require…



A little boy finds a hole with a human eating monster in it. He decides that it is a good way to get rid of the neighborhood bullies. This is a nice hybrid of an Afterschool Special and, an episode Night Gallery, and something that doesn’t exist anywhere else.


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