Happy Halloween 2012, Part 2: NIGHTMARE (1981), INCUBUS (1982), THE VISITOR (1979), FINAL EXAM (1981)



I think NIGHTMARE is a slasher that can compete with the best of them. It has received a beautiful box set release from Code Red and I think there are still copies on Amazon, so it is highly recommend you watch this and then BUY it. Atmosphere, pacing, set pieces, it follows the rules of the slasher “ritual” (walk, talk, revelation, rabbit hole)… Frankly, this slasher has it all. Perfect for Halloween!

NIGHTMARE is no longer streaming on YouTube.  Buy the DVD from Code Red!

INCUBUS (1982)

Wow, I just discovered this letterboxed copy of INCUBUS just now. I’m going to watch it as soon I finish posting this! I’ve always loved this movie. The “murder” sequences are pretty amazing and suspenseful, obviously inspired by Italian horror, and the theme is just, well…you know what an Incubus is, right? That concept as the basis for a slasher is enough to hook me, but the other thing I love about INCUBUS is its strange, disjointed quality – as if something is missing, though nothing obvious. Like THE VISITOR, which I may as well post next, there is the sense that something ended up on the editing room floor that, if included, would make this a “normal” film. We should either thank the stars for that bad editing, or good editing, whichever it was. Who wants a “normal” film? Not me.



There is no other film like STRIDULUM. That is all. They used to show this movie a lot on the local “Saturday Shockers”. It was so edited that it was nearly impossible to follow, but you just COULDN’T STOP WATCHING because it was so strange and beautiful. Guess what? The unedited version, though easier to follow, is just as outlandish. This is a purely visual experience, and it is the kind of visuals I live for. In fact, I would sell my soul to time travel back to the 70s and live in any of the buildings in this film. It’s worth a watch for the architecture alone.

THE VISITOR is no longer streaming on YouTube.  Buy it from Code Red!  In the mean time, enjoy this “10 minute version” of the film, which gives you a very good taste and makes about as much sense:


One of my favorite slashers, FINAL EXAM has thankfully developed a cult following by like minded people and there are plenty of worshipful essays on the net preaching its virtues. I don’t have to repeat what has already been said. (My favorite essay is a detailed character study on BleedingSkull.com, in which the writer uses a purposefully awkward but thorough style to both elucidate and MIRROR the awkward virtues of the film). FINAL EXAM, like HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH, is a slasher I can get cozy with. It is also unique in the slasher genre in that it goes even further than HALLOWEEN as far as the killer’s motivation is concerned. Why is he killing? Who is he? Wait until the end of the movie to find out…amazing…

FINAL EXAM is no longer streaming in YouTube.  Read The Bleeding Skull essay on FINAL EXAM and get a taste, then buy it on DVD:


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