Happy Devil’s Night!: PENDA’S FEN (1974)


I really only want to share one movie today. Though I’ve already posted it recently, I can’t help wanting to repost PENDA’S FEN. It is the most personal and significant film I could think to share with you, and I believe that watching it during the holiday will put you in synch with the “real meaning” of Halloween in the same way Christians speak of the “real meaning” of Christmas. Ray Bradbury attempted something similar with “The Halloween Tree”, but failed where PENDA’S FEN succeeds (this statement may seem odd once you see the movie…but I mean it to be odd).

To be honest, PENDA’S FEN expresses MY “religious” sentiments, MY relationship to the “demonic” (why does my license plate read “DAEMON”? Explained here…), and about a thousand other things concerning my personal interests, so sharing it with others is sharing a bit of myself – a particularly tasty and well seasoned bit…

I’ve watched it five times so far and got something new from it each time. It’s made me cry three of those five times – scared me once – fascinated me always. PENDA’S FEN is not a horror movie, but has recently been classified under the category of “folk horror” by certain “folk” on the net. “Folk horror” refers to the kind of T.V. shows and movies that most inspired my imagination as I grew up. That is the only definition you need, but you can certainly find out more by looking it up on the net. To the extent that PENDA’S FEN represents a more realized expression of the values and ideas that are implied in much of the material I consumed as a child, well, yes, it quite definitely belongs grouped in the same genre. I think we can look forward to a whole generation of people like me, however, who’ll go much further in this direction. It has not all been done before.

Tomorrow I’ll post another pagan celebration of a film, a classic, and a slasher in case someone has extra time and wants something different. Otherwise, Halloween proper is about rewatching the kabuki theater horror that they are hopefully showing on TV! HALLOWEEN, THE FOG, FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, etc. etc.

Please enjoy!


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