9 More Days Until Halloween, 2012: ALUCARDA


Nine more days til Halloween. And here’s some devil worshiping nuns for you… It’s funny, Nunsploitation is my least favorite genre, yet it includes, or is prefigured, by two of the most interesting genre films: ALUCARDA and THE DEVILS. We’re leaving Ken Russell home this evening, in his cage (where he belongs), and showcasing ALUCARDA, directed by the dude who did DR TARR’S TORTURE DUNGEON (which must have felt like Jodorowsky’s THE HOLY MOUNTAIN to folks who rented it blind at video stores) and, MARY, MARY, BLOODY MARY, which had the most deceptively bland videocassette cover of any horror movie I can remember from childhood. 

Anyway…ALUCARDA is fantastic, even if it’s ostensibly about nuns (yawn), corrupted innocence (yawn), how awful the Catholic church is (double yawn), and is based on the short story “Carmilla” (yawn that transcends death). The next time a person makes a horror movie based on “Carmilla” I’m putting together a hunting party. We’ve had enough. (What am I saying? Nobody reads anymore. The next movie based on “Carmilla” will be based on ALUCARDA…)


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