8 More Days Until Halloween 2012: SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER


Eight more days till Halloween, and I’m just going to have to do double features from now on. Today I also want to share a movie that doesn’t quite yet have a cult following or critical appreciation, but WILL in the near future. This is SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER, it’s directed by the guy who did BLUE SUNSHINE, and it is one of my favorite modern horror movies for Halloween. Two things: it is a satire of the modern “Disney Channel” aesthetic, so you’ll need to go with that. The “look”, the acting style, and the tone of the writing is on purpose. Using that banal aesthetic, it manages to be disturbing, suspenseful, and thought provoking. ALSO – don’t dismiss it as a moral tale about violence in the media and its influence on children. It’s not that stupid or one dimensional. Don’t assume this filmmaker is dumber than you are – this is smart AND entertaining stuff.

BTW, there should be a better copy of this streaming on Netflix, so check it out there if you have access.


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