5 Days Until Halloween #2, 2012: NOMADS


Five more days til Halloween. My modus operandi now is to post two movies a day: one that is questionably good, but interesting to me (and possibly you) for some obscure reason, and one that is a “classic” or an act of genius.

So you don’t want to watch BLOOD!? Or, maybe you’ve already watched BLOOD! and haven’t yet poked out your eyes and ears with a coat hanger? Well good, because you’d have missed out seeing NOMADS – a genuinely scary and creative film.

I didn’t watch it for years because it starred Pierce Brosnan, who is one of those people female talk show hosts always make a fool of themselves over because he is “SO handsome”. This was actually true in 1986, but his good looks, fame, and general smarminess don’t detract in the least from NOMADS because, as it turns out, he’s also a pretty good actor.

Did I mention NOMADS was directed by the same man who directed PREDATOR and DIE HARD? You know it has to be good if I’m still recommending it under these conditions…

By the way, don’t read any IMDB posts or reviews that might give away plot points. You don’t want that. Plus you will just end up reading the barely literate ramblings of people who thought NOMADS was “too confusing” or “doesn’t give enough information” or “doesn’t have an ending”…and basically all the other things that are written about good movies by stupid people.

NOMADS is no longer streaming on YouTube, but I’m sure you can find a copy most anywhere.  I mean, it’s directed by the guy who did DIE HARD for egads sake…

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