3 More Days Until Halloween, #2, 2012: THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH and THE ANCINES WOODS


Three more days til Halloween. My modus operandi now is to post two movies a day: one that is questionably good, but interesting to me (and possibly you) for some obscure reason, and one that is a “classic” or an act of genius (…but which is still comparatively unseen in America).

THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH is one of the best non-Argento giallos ever created, so break open your J&B, pour it over some ginger ale and ice, and enjoy! This is a beautifully presented version, with acceptable subtitles (preferable to dubbing).

THE ANCINES WOODS is a regrettably unknown film in the United States but is considered a classic of modern horror in Spain (by people who matter). It is a groundbreaking film in the history of werewolf movies, taking it’s story from the historical, reported cases of lycanthropy in Europe, rather than the Hollywood legend. It’s images of old Spain and the woods of the title are eerily atmospheric, and the fantastic electronic music helps.

Neither of these movies are currently streaming on YouTube (in English), but there are DVDs out there for the finding…

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