18 Days Until Halloween, 2012: ZEDER


18 Days Til Halloween, and I offer you a horror movie a day to tide you over. Today it’s a film by one of my favorite horror filmmakers, Pupi Avati. ZEDER is a film that actually SCARED me when I first watched it. This has a lot to do with the atmosphere created by the lighting, sound, etc. For example, there’s a hotel next to a strange ruin later in the film. The protagonist watches the ruin from his hotel room window while a summer storm swells up. The rising wind stirs waves through the untended fields outside his window, and one has the FEELING of a storm coming – and something more than a storm – the feeling of something uncanny in the AIR of the movie. I first watched this on video when it was titled REVENGE OF THE DEAD. Though I love the foul quality of 80s video horror, we are lucky that there is an uncut, letterbox, cleaned up, subtitled (however badly) version of this film. In any case, forgive the subtitles and give it time to carry you along. It gets stranger, the mystery deepens, and it slowly gets under your skin.

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