15 Days Until Halloween, 2012: DON’T GO IN THE HOUSE


15 Days Til Halloween, and I offer you a horror movie a day to tide you over. I return to the slasher today, though DON’T GO IN THE HOUSE has very little slashing. Our killer prefers a flame thrower in this film. Speaking of a thrower, Stephen Thrower, the ingenious author of Nightmare USA, the only book on horror movies that I love without reservations, championed this film and arranged for a showing of it at the 2009 Cinefamily Halloween Fest in Los Angeles. Jeremy Bird, you really should JOIN that family…

In any case, the film itself is not the nastiest slasher I’ve ever seen, but it definitely has a strange combination of seediness (the feeling that there’s something abnormally perverse for a horror movie), the coziness of Psycho-style slasher movie archetypes (yes, Jung, they are “cozy”), sudden flashes of surreal, dream like morbidity, and a startling amount of sophisticated character development.


Two more things: it has my favorite disco scene(s) of any horror movie (YES!) and the most effective “jump” scare scene ever, so hold onto your popcorn. I’ve yet to see anyone unaffected by it.

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